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QuickBooks “Common Mistakes”

QuickBooks “Common Mistakes”*

 (6 CPE Credits)


 Learn how to fix errors in your QuickBooks company!

* Experience Level Recommendation- Intermediate  Bookkeeping, Intermediate QuickBooks

QuickBooks Live CPA Instructed Classes.

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About the Class:

This class was designed because many businesses use QuickBooks, but do not use the program correctly.  Many business owners & bookkeepers learn QuickBooks by trial & error, and realize something is wrong but don’t know how to identify what it is.   This course will address how to quickly & easily identify the common QuickBooks errors and how to effectively correct them.

 Topics Covered: 9:30am-3:30pm

  • Set up Users & Passwords- Restrict Access
  • Chart of Accounts- Correcting Account Types
  • Inactivating Chart of Accounts/Vendors/Customers
  • Change Accounts Associated to Items
  • Misclassified Transactions
  • Increasing Balance of Undeposited Funds
  • Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits
  • Manually Cleaning up Open items
  • Write-off Small Balances
  • Adjust Sales Tax Payable
  • Find Incorrectly Paid Payroll Liabilities
  • Clearing out Past Due Liabilities
  • Why transactions Post to the Open Balance Equity Account
  • Working with PayPal Accounts
  • Voiding Checks in Prior Periods
  • Chargebacks of Customer Payments
  • Bank Reconciliations Discrepancies

“I am so happy that I took this course.  I have never had formal training in Quickbooks but I have been using it for years.  A beginner course would have been boring to me.  I have never seen a higher level Quickbooks course offered.  I was able to ask any questions that I had that was relevant to my work.  Danielle was pleasant and informative.  Her answers are clear and concise.  She is a wonderful teacher.  I would recommend this course to anyone who has a working knowledge of Quickbooks but has questions that still need to be answered.” ~ Kim H. Wassaic, NY.

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